As of 1.0, the Recipe Hero settings were completely stripped down to only include the bare essentials. To get started, head over to Recipe Hero > Settings.

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 11.42.03 pm

General Options

Recipes Page: You can choose from a list of your site’s pages a page to use as the ‘Recipes Archive Page’. This can be really useful if you want to make the recipes page¬†your home page (which you can read more about here), or even just to store your recipes on a custom page like ‘My Cook Book’.

Recipes Order: Optionally you may change the default sorting method to be ‘Sort by most recent’, instead of the Default Sorting that works according to the custom order you sort your recipes with.

Recipe Images

If you change any of the following dimensions, you’ll need to regenerate your thumbnails.

Main Recipe Image (Size): This size is for the main image used on archives and single recipe pages.

Recipe Steps Image (Size): This is the size of the images attached to the steps / instructions in a single recipe page.

Recipe Thumbnails (Size): This size is for the thumbnails that display below a recipe’s ‘Main Image’, as part of a Recipe’s gallery.

Recipe Image Gallery & Steps (Lightbox): By default this option is enabled, including Recipe Hero’s lightbox. When enabled, recipe gallery images will open in a lightbox, as well as steps images.