Recipe Hero Submit


It’s very easy to add Recipe Here to your site. You can install it in a couple of ways:

Uploading in WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Navigate to the ‘Upload’ area
  3. Select from your computer
  4. Click ‘Install Now’
  5. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 11.27.06 am

Using FTP

  1. Download
  2. Extract the recipe-hero-submit directory to your computer
  3. Upload the recipe-hero-submit directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  4. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard

Displaying Submission Form

All you have to do is add the [recipe_hero_submit] shortcode to a page or post somewhere on your site.

Alternatively if you’re working with PHP, you can add the following to a template file or similar:


You’ll find the settings for the extension under Recipe Hero > Settings > Submit. There are only a couple settings to wrap your head around:

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 4.44.00 pm

Default Recipe Status: You can customize the default status of recipes after they’ve been submitted through the form. I’d recommend making this Draft or Pending as you’ll probably want to check everything has been added correctly and formatted nicely.

Allowed User Roles: This option allows you to choose which user roles can see the submission form. It’s a ‘multi-select’ dropdown, so you can select mulitple roles by just clicking and dragging, or using the shift button.

Dec 04, 2014 16:55

Customizing the Form

As of Recipe Hero Submit 1.0.0, it’s not currently possible to customize the form without a bit of work. However, it’s planned for 1.1.0 so please reach out to support if this is something you’d want so we can take your thoughts into account!

Updates & Licensing

We’ve kept updates and licensing very simple. After installing and activating Recipe Hero Video, you’ll see a notification asking you to activate, which will bring you to the plugin’s details in your admin’s Plugins list.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 2.13.40 pm

Simply enter in your license key, found in either your email receipt or my account, and the email you purchased it with. It will then verify your license and from then on, updates will automatically appear for you!