Displaying Recipes

The easiest way to access all your recipes initially is just to go to:


However, as soon as you optionally set a Recipe Page in the Recipe Hero Settings, the ‘archive’ of all your recipes will be there.

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 3.02.33 pm

For accessing a single recipe on its own, by default the recipe will be at:


But you can also easily change by changing the Recipe Hero Permalinks.


There are also a couple shortcodes at your disposal, that can be used almost anywhere on your site like any other theme/plugin/WordPress shortcode.

Single Recipe

For display just a single recipe, you can use the [recipe] shortcode.

 'id' => '', // id of Recipe (REQUIRED)


Multiple Recipes

You can use [recipes] shortcode to display multiple recipes.

 'per_page' => 10, // how many recipes to show
 'orderby' => 'date', // order recipes by
 'order' => 'DESC', // order recipes in order
 'ids' => '', // specific IDs or recipes to display
 'course' => '', // recipe course to get recipes from
 'cuisine' => '', // recipe cuisine to get recipes from