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Recipe Hero is the easiest way to add recipes to your WordPress site in seconds. Complete with countless features, to keep you focused on making good food to share with the world.

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Your recipes have never looked better

Recipe Hero is meant to be customised. Every last bit of it is extendable and easily configurable, but we strived to keep the core of it as clean, beautiful and modern as possible.

The plugin adapts to your current WordPress theme, making sure that recipes are displayed in the same style as the rest of your site.

Built-in, responsive lightbox gallery

Sure, intricate details and comprehensive instructions make up a great recipe, but what about the photos that go with it?

Recipe Hero includes a responsive lightbox to show off a gallery of recipe photos, along with support individual recipe step images, so your readers can not only taste, but see every last detail.

On top of that is support for custom image sizes, easily configurable from the Recipe Hero settings page, ensuring that your food looks beautiful in all shapes and sizes.

A beautiful admin awaits you too

But what about you? You're the creator, chef behind all of these recipes. Shouldn't your experience with Recipe Hero be just as awesome?

We realised that and built a beautiful custom admin user interface for you to interact with while creating recipes, ensuring that the creation is just as amazing as the experience cooking a recipe.

Extensive Documentation

We strive to make Recipe Hero as easy to use as possible, but sometimes you're going to need some help. There are plenty of guides, both written and video, to help you find your way around Recipe Hero.

When you do need a hand in the kitchen, we hope you'll find it here.

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